NYC-based illustrator, merch designer – FAQ

May 3-5FanExpo PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, PA
May 24-26AnimazementRaleigh, NC
June 15-16Rhode Island Anime ConProvidence, RI
June 28-30DoKomiDusseldorf, Germany
August 8-11Anime MatsuriHouston, TX
Sept 27-30AnimeVerse FestPasadena, TX
Nov 1-3Rhode Island Comic ConProvidence, RI
Flat ColorPortrait (Bust)$45
Full RenderPortrait (Bust)$60
ChibiFull Body$25
NSFWFull Body (2 characters)$150

FAQCan I use your art as my profile picture/header/phone lockscreen?
Yes, you can use my art for your pfp/header/wallpaper, but please be sure to credit me in your bio.
Can I repost your art to another site with credit?
Please don't. This applies to edits, tracings, & videos (i.e. TikToks) as well.
I also don't allow any re-printing or re-distribution of my artwork, even for personal and non-profit use.Your DMs are closed. How can I contact you?
You can reach me at [email protected] for any shop-related or business inquiries. Otherwise, you can tweet me directly, or message me on Ko-fi or Etsy!